Insurance Claims & Adjustments
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Automobile Insurance

Depending on the severity of the issue that incited an insurance claim, adjusting the insurance coverage and policy options might be a viable option. Our team of dedicated insurance adjusters have decades of experience in many insurance adjustment capacities involving cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, and nearly all forms of vehicular/automobile transportation that are commonplace here in Minnesota. These automobile insurance adjustment services often include (but are definitely not restricted by) automobile theft, automobile damage, automobile/manufacturer recalls, automobile accidents, as well as client-specific insurance claims and adjustment services. We typically implement a 2-part strategy that has proven to be instrumental in not only expediting our clients’ claim quickly & efficiently but also with the most agreeable results in favor of you, our client.

Surety Bonds & Commercial Liability

By and large, many commercial property owners and fellow businesses alike are required, by law, to provide liability insurance for their company; if not bonding their company against potential mishaps or claims. While they may seem very similar on the surface, there is an inherent difference; surety bonds are in place in insure against damage or loss of products, investments, and consumer relations while liability insurance protects the actual person who is receiving the commercial liability insurance. In a nutshell, each aspect (surety bonds versus commercial liability insurance) is responsible for providing coverage for a specific claimant; be it person(s) or entity.

Burglary Insurance Claims

Becoming a victim of property-invasion or on-site burglary is a situation that no property/asset owner wants to experience; and with good reason. However with the society that we currently live in nowadays, it’s an unfortunate reality that burglaries, robberies, and larceny are apparently abundant here in Minnesota; and in unprecedented numbers. For instance, according to a release in 2018 by The Minnesota Department of Public Safety Bureau of Criminal Apprehension in their annual Uniform Crime Report in 2018, there was an unheralded number of burglaries, robberies, and instances of larceny throughout the entire State of Minnesota. In fact, there were a documented 2,941 robberies, 85,162 cases of larceny, and a whopping 16,066 burglaries reported by Minnesota residents and business owners in 2018 alone. (This roughly translates into around 1 in 50 Minnesota locals have fallen prey to theft or been burgled!)

Casualty Insurance Claims

While this is a particular area of expertise (casualty claims/adjustments) in the insurance claim/adjustment industry that we wish was not necessary, let alone essential; it is something that we approach with utmost sensitivity and professionalism. Granted each circumstance/situation centered around an insurance claim that was incited because of the direct result of loss of life or a casualty is inherently unique, many claims and their subsequent obstacles and challenges remain relatively similar. Having said that, our team of casualty insurance adjusters and mediators possess decades of not only navigating the many pitfalls & potential hurdles that casualty insurance claimants are subject to but we are adepts at streamlining the process in its entirety. Continue reading below to learn about how our casualty insurance adjusters can assist with your claim promptly, efficiently, and little to no unnecessary lags in the process.

Catastrophe Insurance Claims

For the most part, a catastrophe can be manifested in a plethora of ways to most anyone; often at the most inopportune moments for the victim of said catastrophic circumstance(s). Whether it’s a property-related issue such as a natural disaster (earthquake, tornado, blizzard, hurricane, flood, etc) or if it’s something more sinister and nefarious such as property defacing, vandalism, or arson; the results are often debilitating and can leave even the staunchest of person(s) left at a proverbial loss. As such, having a Minnesota insurance adjustment firm that is familiar with not only the local populace and the potential catastrophes they are exposed to is invaluable. Also, having a company with decades of insurance claims and adjustment experience can often spell the difference between a successful insurance claim adjustment/submission that is quickly and favorably resolved and an insurance claim that is drawn out or doesn’t conclude in the interest of the claimant. We encourage any local claimants seeking recompense and reparations in response to an unforeseen catastrophic event to take full advantage of our experience in mediating and expediting the claims/adjustments that all insurance companies require of their policyholders.

Collision Insurance Claims

Being involved in a collision, regardless of what party is at fault, is a situation that nearly every resident here in Minnesota can vouch for is an event that is best left avoided. Unfortunately, with the amount of drivers and vehicle operators that are braving the roads only increasing each year, the likelihood of becoming involved in a collision is extremely high; much to the chagrin of local travelers. Taking that into consideration, our company, Viking Adjustment Service, has taken great steps to perfect our grasp & understanding to collision insurance adjustments (as well as the available options to adjust those selfsame collision insurance claims) in order to provide our fellow residents and drivers in the Minnesota area with a reliable and resourceful solution to any/all collision insurance claims and their imminent problems. Here’s how our collision insurance experts and collision insurance adjusters can work in tandem to effectively expedite your collision insurance claim while also addressing any issues that arise during the progression of the insurance claim.

Error/Omission Insurance Claims

With the multitude of claims forms, insurance applications, and bureaucracy that’s commonly associated with most insurance claims, the likelihood for grammatical errors or clerical miscalculations is an unfortunate reality that all insurance claimants must contend with. “Doctored” documents, outdated information, falsified testimonies notwithstanding; the inevitability of an error in data or an omission during informational submission is something that all insurance claimants need not only take seriously but also seek professional guidance when amending/adjusting said insurance claims. In light of that helpful tidbit of advice, we are proud to say that we often tasked with adjusting, amending, and updating insurance claims in basically all forms and also in varying degrees of complexity.

Heavy Cargo Insurance Claims

In the retail and service industry, the potential for lost inventory, damaged goods, or misplaced cargo is a very tangible dilemma that any consumer or supplier alike can agree upon. What’s more, typically when a shipment of goods & heavy cargo is lost, misplaced, or damaged beyond salvage, a claim must be submitted with the insurance company that is contracted to protect the assets and interests of the policyholder. Oftentimes the insurance claim must contain an extensive, itemized list of the inventory or heavy cargo that was undelivered and must be submitted posthaste within the allotted filing times in order to successfully recoup losses and garner recompense. As such, this is usually the most challenging aspect of submitting an insurance claim for lost or damaged shipments of heavy cargo because t is at this particular phase of the insurance claim process that most insurance claims are not processed properly, there is missing information, or the mandatory forms and procedures were not satisfied. With that in mind, this is where our professional insurance claim specialists and adjusters are known to take the reins of the insurance claim/submission to ensure accuracy, prompt response times, and ultimately; a favorable resolution for the client who recruited our insurance claim & adjustment expertise in the first place. If you are interested in learning about how our insurance adjusters can assist with your insurance claim regarding the loss of heavy cargo and shippable goods, please continue reading below and we will do everything in our power to ensure that you receive a timely and beneficial resolution to your insurance claim.

Inland Marine Insurance Claims

Anytime a particular product, service, or trade that is distributed on a large scale or frequent basis, the need for proper coverage (in this express case, inland marine insurance) is absolutely paramount. For instance, a company or entity that specializes as a “service area business” such as a catering company or mobile-based business must typically has to ship their cooking elements and catering equipment from location to location during each service - which can eventually result in damaged goods or lost gear. Whether the loss is incurred during transit from location to facility or whilst the product/equipment/material is actually being housed, the coverage most inland marine insurance policies is usually more than sufficient to alleviate financial loss and fiscal overhead; it’s specifically designed to do just that! With that broad range of coverage that is offered through obtaining inland marine insurance being subject to change and largely contingent upon company-specific policies and no “general standard”, it can be daunting for claimants and adjusters alike to navigate the impending bureaucracy involved with submitting a claim. Have made mention of that, we are locally available in Minnesota to manage the submission and/or adjustments to all inland marine insurance policies/claims that our clients are requesting mediation for or assistance with.

Property Damage Insurance Claims

Contending with the claims department of your insurance company after you’ve experienced a substantial amount of property damage is an activity that no property owner wants to participate in; especially if there has been displacement or relocation deemed necessary due to the property damage suffered. While the reasons surrounding each situation that incites a claim to be submitted (or adjusted) to an insurance company varies in both circumstance and severity, it’s worth noting that our company boasts decades of experience in mediating and adjusting insurance claims for nearly every form of property damage imaginable. For instance, being in a region that enjoys a fair amount of snow, sub-freezing temperatures, and overall inclement weather, we often are tasked with adjusting and expediting insurance claims that involve damage to a property as a direct result from tempestuous weather, natural disaster, or an otherwise element-related barrage.

Wind & Hail Insurance Claims

Due to the constant bombardment and frequent buffeting that our properties here in Minnesota are subjected to on an annual basis, many businesses and homeowners are forced to submit insurance claims in order to garner financial compensation to sublet the cost of repairing the property or replacing damaged elements. As such, the more common insurance claims that our experienced insurance claim adjustment teams are tasked with adjusting typically involve middling-to-severe damage to properties (commercial, residential, industrial, agricultural, municipal, etc.) that is a direct result of inclement weather, biting wind, and/or a relentless onslaught of icy rain, sleet and hail. Seeing as many insurance companies are often difficult to deal with for those who are inexperienced in the insurance claim industry, it is wise to seek out local/proven council when endeavoring to file a wind/hail damage insurance claim, affect amendments/adjustments to an active hail/wind damage insurance claim, or to expedite the entire claim process to a speedy resolution. The insurance claim adjustment teams that we employ here at Viking Adjustment Service are without peer in terms of innovative approaches towards resolving a wind/hail damage-related insurance claim and have intimate familiarity with all the major insurance carriers/policies. Here’s how our insurance claim adjusters can be of service to your current/pending insurance claim for hail and/or wind damage.

Worker's Compensation Insurance

As many employees and employers alike will attest to, navigating the murky waters that commonly saturate the experience of filing a worker’s compensation insurance claim is tremendously inconvenient during the best of times and an absolute nightmare during the worst. Whether it’s balancing the bureaucracy, billing, and bothersome burdens of filing your claim with the already-pressing issues of nursing a physical injury or impairment; the stress and frustration can quickly pile up and become nothing short of daunting to even the staunchest of claimants. Having made mention of that, we are beyond pleased to offer our intermediary roles in various insurance claims and adjustment capacities to our clients here locally in Minnesota or further abroad nationwide.